silver birch
wild garlic
crab apple blossom
August / September / October
elderberry: pontac, elderberry chutney, elderberry and blackberry jam
blackberry: blackberry vinegar, hedgrow jelly, blackberry syrup
beetroot: beetroot chutney, beetroot brownies
rosehips: rosehip syrup
haw-berry: spicy haw ketchup
horseradish: pickled horseradish, creamed horseradish sauce
sloes: hedgerow jelly, sloe gin
crab apple: crap apple jelly
rowan berry: rowan jelly
apples: rose petal jelly; toffee apples

Examples of food served:
Beef casserole with horseradish and chestnut dumplings
beetroot and horseradish soup with tomato bread
apple crumble
wild service fruit cake


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