silver birch
wild garlic
crab apple blossom
March / April / May
wild garlic: wild garlic pesto: wild garlic infused oil; wild garlic relish
dandelion: dandelion jelly marmalade
rhubarb: rhubarb and wild marjoram chutney: rhubarb and elderlflower jam:

Examples of food served:
nettle and parsnip soup
hops and hogweed frittata with chickweed salad
wild garlic, artichoke and nettle soup with parmesan bread
sausage and wild garlic mash
rhubarb crumble

Lists are not exhaustive nor set in stone, themes and recipes are subject to nature and availability. We can also tailor what we look for and cook according to your preference (where appropriate and possible).

The timetable of the day can be adjusted to the time of year and to what recipe we might be following. There are facilities for overnight events with on site (basic) camping available.



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